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When Willis Carrier launched the air conditioning industry in 1902, little did he know the tremendous impact it would have on our daily lives. The power to control our indoor environment makes all the difference in the way we feel on the job, in the classroom, at home and on the go. But creating innovative products that preserve the freshness of food and medical supplies, and provide comfort to people the world over, is only half of the story. A central tenet of Carrier’s business is to preserve the environment and protect our finite natural resources. We know that heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration are much more than issues of comfort and process. We recognize the urgent need to maintain a responsible balance between the comfort and preservation we provide today and the world we live in tomorrow.

Caring about the world outside is an integral part of our master plan and a primary focus in all aspects of our operations. As a global manufacturer, we constantly strive to provide the most environmentally responsible products while fulfilling our customers' demands.

Throughout our history, we have demonstrated this commitment by creating environmentally sound products that consume less energy and incorporate innovative materials that minimize the impact we have on our planet. This operating philosophy is your assurance that, while Carrier products deliver unmatched comfort and safely transport and preserve our global food supply today, our company is hard at work protecting the outdoor environment for generations to come.

CCAC continues this tradition of environmental advocacy by actively participating in the activities of the Philippine Ozone Desk of the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Under the Chloroflorocarbon (CFC) Phase Out Plan, CCAC contributed relevant information leading to the formulation of the Chemical Control Order for CFC’s. The document forms part of the guidelines on the phase-out, recycling & disposal of CFC’s stock in the Philippines starting in 2006.

View the Chemical Control Order for CFC’s in full from the Philippine Ozone Desk’s site at www.emb.gov.ph

CCAC also participates in consultations with the World Bank’s Environment Department to encourage existing CFC chiller owners’ to replace their existing equipment with chlorine-free machines.


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