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Concepcion Industries, Inc,. was awarded ISO-9002 certification for its air-conditioning plant at the Calabarzon area in 1995, at that time the only Filipino Appliance Company to be so awarded and the fifth in the whole of Southeast Asia.

Cabuyao Plant Facade

In 1998, Concepcion-Carrier Air conditioning Company achieved re-certification of its ISO-9002 status, making it the first air-conditioning plant in the Philippines to have attained this rare distinction.


The Technology

In February 1995, the Concepcion Research & Development Center and Air-conditioning Plant was inaugurated. Located 43 kilometers south of central Manila, this P700 million complex houses one of Southeast Asia's most integrated air-conditioning plants… putting CCAC at par with the best in the world.

The Research & Development Center performs a wide array of functions in pursuit of excellence, which includes:

  • Developing new product lines and variants.
  • Processing new technologies.
  • Testing component integrity.
  • Monitoring quality standards.
  • Maintaining quality thru rigorous product performance testing at our in-house psychrometric laboratory.
  • Determining market and consumer preferences.
  • Keeping tabs on pertinent developments elsewhere in the world.
  • Exploring opportunities in the local as well as international markets.

Cabuyao Plant Interior

It serves to demonstrate that at CCAC, quality is not a short-lived effort but a way of life. To our consumers, that only means one thing - world-class products.


The Product

CCAC offers to the Philippine market a wide array of products and services suited to just about any requirement.


Room Air-conditioners

For over 40 years, we have led the industry through our best-selling line of room air-conditioners. From households to offices nationwide, the Carrier, Condura, Kelvinator and Toshiba brands have become the standard for comfort and convenience, which other brands have tried to emulate.


Package Equipment/Split Type Air-conditioners

More and more people are discovering the advantages of Package Equipment/Split Type Air-conditioners. Applicable to whatever requirement whether they are for home, office or commercial establishments. It’s a stylish and convenient space saver.


Applied Equipment

Carrier products are found in many of the world's largest buildings - hotels, office towers, commercial centers, universities and sports arenas among others. Carrier has cooled some of the world's best known structures such as the Hongkong Airport, Tokyo Disneyland, the Sistine Chapel, and the Sydney Opera House, etc.


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