Carrier Designer Series

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Carrier Designer Series

Carrier thinks intelligence can be stylish.

The new Designer Series comes with a sleek and stylish chrome accent along with all those features that make for intelligent cooling:

Energy Management System, 8-in-1 Filter System and other features that ensure years and years of worry-free operation and protection of your investment.

  • Intelligent on the inside…
    • Provides you with an 8-in-1 filter system that ensures healthier air, neutralizes free radicals, and removes odors, mold and fungi (Anti-mold filter, Vitamin C filter, Super Sterilizer filter – Sasa, Bio-enzyme, Gingko extract, Zeolite filter/Activated Carbon filter, Catechin filter)

  • Anti-Mold Filter
    Molds and other fungi may adversely affect health through allergies, infections and toxicity. Removes larger solid particles and dust.
  • Zeolite Filter/Activated Carbon Filter
    A natural earth mineral, both have the ability to remove volatile organic compounds and bacteria. It is especially useful in removing gasses, smoke and odors from the air you breath.
  • Catechin Filter
    A filter developed using catechin, a bioflavonoid in green tea with antiviral/antioxidant qualities, features deodorization and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Vitamin C FilterFree radicals and active oxygen that harms the skin occurs naturally in the atmosphere. This filter neutralizes free radicals and converts active oxygen to oxygen, preventing melanin increase which causes dark spots on skin.
  • Super Sterilizer Filter
    Carrier's antiviral, antibacterial technology harnesses the power of Bio Enzyme, Sasaand Super Gingko to alleviate allergies and help keep your family safe from harmful gems.
    • Sasa: This bamboo extract has bacterial and viral deactivation properties
    • Bio-Enzyme: Helps eliminate bacteria, viruses and mold
    • Gingko Extract: Reduces agents that can cause allergic reactions
    • Equipped with energy savings that give you savings!
      • Run Hour Timer – Allows you to budget your electricity consumption for one month by simply setting the number of hours for aircon use.
      • Econo Feature – When room temperature reaches desired level, the unit turns off and the electric fan turns on. Used together with the Energy Savings Plug.
      • Cycle Timer – Allows you to program your unit to go on or off at maximum intervals for a maximum of 24 hours
      • Auto On/Off – Allows you to program your unit to go on or off at pre-set hours.
    • Ensures years of worry-free protection!
      • Cooling Fail Function
      • Anti-Freeze Protection
      • Room Sensor Error Warning
      • Indoor Coil Sensor Warning
      • Ramp Start Function
      • Auto Restart
      • Filter Clean Up Reminder
      • 5 Year Compressor Warranty and After Sales Service
  • Beautiful on the Outside
    • New stylish colored front panel
    • Available in 3 colors that fits well in any interior
    • Easy to clean flat panels
    • Multi-functional Remote Control with large LED display
    • Condensor Coil Protector
    • Built-In Clock
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