Electronic Freestanding Slimpac

> Electronic Freestanding Slimpac
Electronic Freestanding Slimpac
Carrier Electronic Free Standing Split. Cooling, redefined. Its decorative two tone cabinet with lighted LCD display complements most stylish interiors. Nano Silver indoor air filters keeps the air inside fresh and germ free.
  • Large LCD display on the unit gives you a snapshot of the unit’s operation: temperature, fan speed, operating mode, air sweep status are just some of the functions available to view
  • IR remote with LCD display allows controls at the touch of a button
  • Turbo mode to cool the space faster
  • Vertical & horizontal air sweep to ensure even cooling
  • Clean indoor air – anti bacterial and Nano silver filters deodorize & deactivates airborne bacteria & fungi
  • Fresh air intake eliminates staleness indoors by introducing oxygenated air from the outside.
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