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The industry first! Introducing high-performance outdoor units with 3 compressors and 3 inverters


Industry-leading installation flexibility

At 1800mm (H) x 1210mm (W) x 780mm (D), the outdoor units improve performance to achieve greater space efficiency that defies their compact module size to deliver greater freedom in layout design. This minimizes weight-related restrictions and allows for quicker installation.


  1. New DC twin-rotary compressor *1*2 (NEW)

    Leading the world with Toshiba' s own new DC twin-rotary compressor

    Three new DC twin-rotary compressors that feature outstanding capacity under partial load drive the 14 and 16HP outdoor unit models, while two are used by the other outdoor unit models. These new compressors improve both energy efficiency and comfort levels.

  2. Fast-calculating vector-controlled inverter *1*2 (NEW)

    All-inverter control realizes finer control over operation to match the load on the system

    Toshiba SMMSi is the first in the industry to control all the 3 compressors with a dedicated inverter board that taps the compressor's fullpotential to provide smootheroperation.

  3. Infinity variable control (The Industry 1st!)

    Ultra-precise 0.1 Hz control over compressor rotation speed

    Infinity variable control adjusts compressor rotation speed in near-seamless 0.1 Hz steps. Responding precisely to the capacity needs of the moment, this fine control minimizes energy loss when changing frequencies, and also creates a comfortable environment subject to minimal temperature variations.

Click here to download the Toshiba-Carrier Brochure


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